My body of work is an exploration of clay as a fluid material and requires an understanding of how I can create forms that are figurative and energetic. Each sculpture is a unique journey that begins with the coil-construction process. The pull of gravity inspires this decision-making: by layering heavy coils, I intentionally push the form to the point of collapsing. By heightening this potential energy, each form presents a challenge to my artistic goal as well as a challenge to gravity itself. It is a challenge I enjoy overcoming in my artwork. I do this to test the boundaries of clay as a material and explore its limitations while creating a dynamic and expressive form. Once the form is established, my analytical study of the surface continues throughout the entire mark-making process. I wrap my vessels in carved lines to narrate the movement of the form. The concentric incisions are a stylistic investigation of each structure, and they communicate visual depth. The negative space between each line activates the motion of the sculptural composition as a whole. I also choose glazes that permit the natural color of the clay to fire completely through and allow for contrast between each line. My work leaves the viewer to openly interpret the form’s movement while relating the exterior surface to the shape of the vessel.